Shenzhen's New Globalization Development Strategy in the Context of Changing U.S.- China Relations


Dramatic changes in international political and economic environment brought profound impact on Shenzhen, a city grew up rapidly under an opened environment. The 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and the United States meets with China’s reform and opening up. During this period, stable international political and economic environment provided basic for Shenzhen’s development, as well as its ability in promoting high-speed socialist economic development. However, such a stable external environment for economic development now no longer exists. The U.S. government under Trump administration has clearly defined China as a "strategic competitor". The Biden administration later on does not mark an end to the confrontational relationship between the U.S. and China in various fields.

The current state of competition between China and the US in politics, trade and commerce, science and technology has brought unprecedented challenges to the new phase of globalization in Shenzhen. As the most successful special economic zone in China, Shenzhen is an important high-tech R&D and manufacturing base in southern China, as well as one of the most economically active cities globally. The construction guidance of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the new era clearly stated that the city shall to move forward to building a pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics. The city shall strive to become a modern and powerful socialist model. The requirement deploys and promote the implementation of a comprehensive reform pilot in Shenzhen, which creates a major historical opportunity for the development of Shenzhen. As such, the basic guarantee is a new and effective globalization strategy in the context of the dynamic international political and economic environment.


【Core Goal】

The core goal of this research is to provide a new way of thinking and action for Shenzhen to achieve further globalization and sustainable development under the uncertainty of the external environment brought about by the current deterioration of Sino-US relations. A new globalization strategy is of great significance for Shenzhen development in new situation. In facing of new challenges posed by international politics to regional development, this report will play a key role in building the next round of globalization strategy in Shenzhen.


【Main focus】

This research project will address following questions.
(1) How do the change in Sino-US relations changed the general international political and economic environment for Shenzhen's development?
(2) In key strategic industries, how shall Shenzhen help companies to gain or maintain a significant position in the international supply chain? How can Shenzhen develop effective trade and investment strategies to stabilize its integration into the world economy in the field of economic and trade?
(3) In the field of social and humanities, how do the change in Sino-US relations affect China's international humanities exchanges? How should Shenzhen respond to the impact of the change in Sino-US relations?