Research on Shenzhen Takes the Lead in Realizing the Socialist Modernization


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Opinions on Supporting Shenzhen in Building a Socialist Demonstration Zone with Chinese Characteristics in August 2019, supporting Shenzhen to take the lead in realizing socialist modernization and exploring a new path for building a comprehensive socialist modernization power. How Shenzhen should benchmark itself under global standards, highlight the characteristics of the city in modernization according to its economic and social characteristics, and firmly implement and execute the unique political mission and historical mission by the Party and the Nation is an unprecedented major challenge for the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. Shenzhen's practice and exploration will provide urban examples for the nation's socialist modernization in terms of common prosperity, industrial planning and development, business environment, and governance of mega-cities. In order to better implement the strategic plan from the Central Committee and Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the Institute of International Affairs, Qianhai, led by Prof. Zheng Yongnian, was commissioned by the Political Research Office Organization of the Municipal Committee in October 2021 to undertake the research work on this major topic. 


【Core Goal】

The research aims at combines the Institute's existing policy research results to provide an in-depth analysis of the overall goal, unique mission, specific issues and path options for Shenzhen's socialist modernization, so as to provide reference for the municipal government's decision-making. 

【Main focus】

1. understanding the basic connotation of socialist modernization and its inspiration for Shenzhen;
2. establishing an evaluation index system of socialist modernization;
3. exploring experience of modernization cities globally for Shenzhen's reference;
4. analyzing specific problems and overall path selection of socialist modernization for Shenzhen.