Construction of the principles of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics


The Adaptation of Marxism to China’s condition has completed the construction of revolutionary theory in Mao Zedong's era and clarified the relationship between development and socialism in Deng Xiaoping's era. Today, based on more than 40 years of successful experience in reform and opening up, we should develop original theoretical innovations based on Chinese experience and practice. On August 24, 2020, at the economic and social forum, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that China should adhere to Marxist positions, views and methods, based on the national situation and international insight, and construct a political economy discipline with Chinese characteristics. During the 40-year sustainable development period, China has witnessed a series of crises outburst in Western countries. Explaining the institutional roots of the chaos in the West as well as the governance in China cannot be limited by existing Western theories, but by the principles of the Chinese socialist political economy.


【Core Goal】

Building the principles of Chinese socialist political economy is of great significance. It can help in defusing the US (and Western) siege of China's political and economic system, developing the narrative of China's political and economic system, and providing insight into the crisis of governance worldwide and its root causes. The Institute takes the practice of contemporary socialist construction in China and the theorization of the Chinese experience as its starting point, takes Shenzhen as a special case study. The research will work from more than 20 sub-topics, including innovation of Chinese practice on Marxist theory of property rights, the comparison of China's "market within the system" and the U.S. "state within the system" and commonwealth and China's comparative system and the study of the "market within the system".


【Main Focus】

How are the principles of socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics constructed?