Scientific research team

Huang Zilan Research Assistant
MSc. University of Sydney

Mr. Zilan (Raphael) Huang is a Research Assistant at the Institute. Mr. Huang gained his Bachelor degree of Journalism at Guangzhou University and Master degree of International Studies at the University of Sydney, He was also a tutor for the courses such as 'International Relations Theories', 'Popular Culture and World Politics' at the University of Sydney
Mr. Huang has six years’ practices in media industry. He was an investigative journalist for the Shenzhen Media Group, and also a signed reporter for the RT Ruptly.
Mr. Huang was a researcher at the Shenzhen Advanced Supply Chain Finance Institution, participated in drafting two municipal standards which related to supply chain finance, and was entrusted by Shenzhen Middle Court to provide suggestions on judicial application of supply chain finance to the Supreme Court.