Centre for Political Economy

Social science theory is derived from practical social experience, and the source of the existing social science system is Western history and practice.
Bending Western theories to fit fails to provide rational explanations of China's own history and practice, but leads instead to conceptual confusion. 
The lack of specific theoretical tools for interpreting Chinese society presents difficulties for constructing a knowledge system based on China's practical experience, 
yet China urgently needs such a social science knowledge system. An adjustment of perspective is required if we are to find Chinese solutions to Chinese problems and Chinese propositions. 
Focusing on Chinese history and practice, the Centre for Political Economy is engaged in the creation of a Chinese social science knowledge system based on actual Chinese historical experience and practice.

Center Director Profile

Zheng Yongnian
Professor, CUHK-Shenzhen
President, IIA

Research Field: International Relations, China’s Foreign Policy, Sino-US Relations, China’s Domestic Transformation and its External Relations


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